Externship Program

Oakridge Equine Hospital offers an externship/preceptorship opportunity to undergraduate and veterinary students. Our hospital boast a high case load comprising mainly of sports medicine, surgery, advanced imaging and emergency medicine. We do not have a rigidly structure program and we encourage visiting students to tailor their externship to suit their primary interest. We expect students to help clinicians when needed and on after hours emergency cases.   

Despite the fact that students will primarily be observing our work; the large number of cases that each student will be exposed to, coupled with the knowledge and expertise of our veterinarians, provides an incredibly valuable learning environment. Students will have the opportuning to work with 5 different boarded equine surgeons during their externship. We have a wide-range referral base encompassing all of Oklahoma, and extending into Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas.  Our caseload consists primarily of Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds, with disciplines ranging from racing and rodeo to pleasure riding. We offer high-field MRI to provide the best quality imaging for our patients. We promote and encourage a learning environment that benefits the visiting extern. 

Limited on-site housing is provided at no cost to the student and should be reserved when scheduling an externship. We do not require a CV/resume or letter of recommendation. 

To schedule an externship/preceptorship, please email Dr. Lauren Lamb: [email protected]

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